Hi, my name is Bridgette and I am the host of the CreativePod.

 I have a deep passion for helping others figure out their passion. I am here to encourage you to be brave and bold in business and in life.
I usually have my hair in a messy bun which compliments my energetic personality.

 I love to dream big while expressing overwhelming empathy for others.

Let’s Ignore all the unnecessary chatter and distractions and get to creating.

You're here because you want to scale your online business beyond your services and help more people.

I can help you do exactly that!

Hey girl!!
You have no idea how excited I am that you are here. I made this site and everything else I created with you in mind. I have had a crazy journey to get where I am at. I have met so many different people as well.
It seemed like every conversation I would have with a woman was very surprising. I know I live in the south but, man times have not changed as much as I thought. Women left and right were telling me about something they were passionate about but followed by the excuse of why they can't do it. It was so frustrating because I was also that thing they said was there excuse. I am a mom, I have a full time job and I have a husband. I have all the problems and issues that everyone else has but I also have a side hustle. 

I made it my mission to help any women who truly wanted to create more for herself. I started to lend them tools that I had or offering up knowledge from my experience creating multiple businesses. I helped get a friend setup on YouTube to create a successful makeup channel. I helped another friend get a Etsy store created and she is killing it. I soon realized that I wanted to share anything with anyone who truly wanted to listen. Which is why I created the Pivot Process. This website will give the tools you need to help make a pivot in your life.

If you are truly driven and ready to make that change while still juggling all your other responsibilities then you are in the right place. I am so excited that you are here on this journey with me.

live the life you dream of


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