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Every week check in with me for free on the CreativePod podcast. I give personal experiences of starting  5 businesses. This isn't one of those podcast where I tell you everything is super easy if you just do 1,2, and 3. Get real creativepreneur talk.

Mastering digital products

Become a digital creator in 2020

Have you been going back and forth with yourself about taking that hurdle and starting your own business? Let me make it 10X easier for you. I guarentee if you follow the steps in this digital course you will have your dream creative business up and running in no time.

creating a business

Creative business checklist

Hey guys on this week's episode of the CreativePod I will be giving you the top 8 things that I wish I would have marked off my checklist before starting my creative business. I'm so excited to share this with you guys! 

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