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How to start your own podcast with Anchor 2019

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For the last five years podcasts have taken over my life and as it seems I am not alone. Podcasts continue to grow in popularity. I am so glad that I decided to create the CreativePod. It has been one of the most rewarding ideas I have had. This week’s episode will inform you how to start your own podcast.

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I wish I would have had this knowledge when I started my podcast.

In episode 14 of the CreativePod I discuss all the necessary tools you need to create a podcast of your own. From the microphone I use, too what I wish I would have done differently. I do not find it hard to show up for and I love interacting with listeners.

Starting a podcast can be simple if you take these tools I give you and put them to use.

How to make money podcasting.

In the episode, I dive deep into several different ways to make money podcasting. So when you start a podcast you can start making an income ASAP.

I use Anchor as my podcast host and it has been the smoothest platform I have used.

host platform Anchor

It is so user-friendly. You do not have to be an audio pro to create a podcast when using Anchor.

Anchor will connect you with sponsors.

Whatever you take from this process please let it be that you can start a podcast. Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from your goals. When I recorded my first episode I wanted to trash it after hearing my own voice. I obviously did not and it has been one of the best projects I have ever created.

how to start a podcast

Connecting your podcast to Itunes, Spotify and Google podcasts.

If you choose Anchor as your podcasts home they will take care of sharing your podcast for you. I literally made my podcast live and within a couple of days, it was also live on 9 other platforms. I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Tools you need to start a podcast

CreativePod with host Bridgette Cox

Starting the CreativePod was the best decision ever. I get to connect with so many amazing creative people while also earning a steady income that is growing every day. I hope you create something amazing.

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