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How to make 2020 Not Suck!


Hey everybody and welcome back to CreativePod I’m your host Bridgette and I’m so excited to be back! Let me just fill you guys in on what’s been going on the past 3 months. I’m starting to notice I can really focus on the CreativePod + my side hustle which is ultimately my dream and passion. Where I would love to one day Focus all of my energy. I kind of had to get life situated and get used to the job. The job is very demanding during the months of November and December. So I had to wrap my head around everything and get my life together as well as my families.

I have so much planned and I am way more organized than before.

I realized how I need to take advantage of every single moment that I have to dedicate to my business. It is time to get serious again about conquering this platform.

I’m still growing my business and growing sales which is why everyone is here so welcome back to the CreativePod and in this episode, we’re going to be discussing 2020.

This isn’t going to be a typical you know let’s make goals podcast.

Get an insider look into my personal life and in my business. I look back on the previous year and I go through my calendar and determine what did work for me what didn’t. Where did I spend way too much time and where could I have to spend more.

I’m excited to be back and I hope you guys are excited for the CreativePod to be back. Expect a lot more episodes coming your way.

Another big thing from 2019 that I will definitely be taking forward with me in 2020 will be my Audible subscription. I added it up the other day and I have listened to over 50 audiobooks this year. Which is beyond crazy for me! I am not a reader I do not like to read books. This year I have felt more in tune with myself and I’ve listened to so many self-development books that I talk about how I work on self-development every day on the CreativePod.

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