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Quick and easy ways to get a great review.

Creating A Business, Repeat Customers

I totally understand the frustration of reviews. It can be a struggle to get your customers to leave a great review. It can also ruin sales if you have a negative review. In episode 21 of the CreativePod we discuss ways to guarantee a positive review.

Remind your customers that they are purchasing from an individual it is not a corporation. Tell them your business gets impacted by a great review.

I like to handwrite a letter to my customer thanking them for their purchase. Add a note to the end of your order form that says, hey thank you so much for supporting me and my business. I would love to hear your thoughts about what you thought about the product. Please make sure to leave a review based on your experience shopping with my store.

It really can’t hurt anything! Make sure you’re clear about your intentions. Let the customer know that taking a quick minute to survey their experience with your business could really impact your sales. that you’re Put your own little touch if that’s as a hand-lettered note or typing it up and adding it to the end of your order form.

You can put your own little touch and spin on it.

customer leaving a great review

Don’t forget your business deserves great reviews!

Another awesome way to get a review is to offer a discount or coupon code. Let the customer know if you take the time to review and rate your experience with my shop I would love to give you a discount code 25% off your next purchase. You could also offer free shipping in return for a review. In episode 8 I dive into shipping materials that can help save you money. This is a great way to not only get returning business but to get those awesome reviews.

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