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How to become a digital creator in 2020🤑

Creating A Business

With everything that is happening right now, it can be scary to start a new business. There is one job that is in high demand in 2020 and that is digital creators. Creating digital content is trending and it shows no sign of slowing down. In this episode of the CreativePod we talk about starting that digital product-based business. If you are scared or hesitant about starting a digital business don’t be!
Are you confused about what a digital creator even is? What is a digital creator job description?  What qualifies as a digital product? Below are some digital products popular in 2020.

life of a digital creator
  •  EBooks
  •  Online guides
  •  Audiobooks
  •  Podcast
  •  Online courses
  •  Photos 
  • Videos
  • Fonts 
  • Logo design
  • Photos
  • SVG files
  • Website templates
  • Music

 I have been a digital creator for about 6 years now and it is in the top 3 of the most profitable segments in my business. 💰

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I am able to create a product, list it on multiple sites, and it becomes an instant flow of sales. I don’t have to do anything when an order comes in because I already have it zipped up and saved to the host site. Nothing is better than hearing the orders coming in and knowing the customer has instant gratification.

If you are thinking about being a digital creator make sure to check out my Creative Business Checklist. Also, get the creative business checklist freebie here 😎 your welcome!

Once you spend the couple hours creating the content, setting up the social media images, and sharing the product then it’s done. List the digital download and the item is online for however long you want it to be.

There is nothing more to do when the orders start rolling in. Just sit back and watch the 💲💲💲

Once someone purchases one of your digital downloads they instantly get it sent to them.  There’s no keeping track of the product, getting the shipping label, and having a physical item of inventory that you have to keep track of. It is as simple as you create the digital product you upload it and you’re done.  I love not having to stress about the orders that come flowing in. Being a digital creator has its perks!

The digital products you create can be online to sell forever. I created digital downloads 6 years ago that are still selling today.  One of my top-selling items is my chore chart for children. I created this chore chart for my own kids and started using it every day. One day I saw another digital creator who had listed a chore chart and mine was so much cooler! I instantly zipped the item in a folder and posted in on my store. That listing has been a huge seller for my digital business!

My digital download business is a no-brainer, you guys! That instant gratification the customer gets when they open the file makes me so happy! Your products usually lead the customer to also wanting to create something. For example the chore list the customer can print it out and customize it to their needs.

life of a digital creator

Make sure you listen to the whole episode to find out everything you need to know about becoming a digital creator in 2020. Also if you would like to be the first one to know when the Mastering Digital Download course is available join the wait list!

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