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Getting more views on Etsy in 2020

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Being an Etsy seller myself for over six years it has been a constant struggle getting views on Etsy. Trying to understand how I can make my listing stand out against my competitors. I wanted to make sure that my targeted customers were seeing my products and my listings catch their eye.
Okay, so you’ve created a product that you’re really excited to get on your shop on Etsy. List it get those sales coming in. But you really want to know, how can I stand out against all those other people that are selling similar items. This is a constant struggle. Every single day in all the Facebook groups that I’m in of people saying I’ve had my shop up for a year and I have no sales to show for it.

What can I do? Why are my items not selling when other shops that sell similar items, are experiencing success?

There are so many little things that you can do to increase views on Etsy. And that’s why I love it when people do post on those groups. Because they’re like, hey, check out my shop. And I’m not a pro by any means. I have been on Etsy for a very long time. And I’ve had pretty good success, but I will quickly open up their shop. And almost within seconds, I can find something really simple that they could tweak that I think, could possibly result in more views, more sales, which is the whole reason why they’re asking for help.

Are your pictures leading customers to your Etsy shop?

These are the most common things that I personally notice when I do help out other Etsy Shops.

  • Image Distractions
  • Focusing too much time on unnecessary things.
  • Running High percentage sales.

The first thing I notice is their pictures. Everyone knows your main picture needs to grab the consumer’s eye. How is your picture that shows and displays your product stand out against the people that are successful on Etsy.

So one thing you should first look at is, is your product that you’re trying to sell the main focus of your image. Very common issues with product pictures on Etsy include…

  • Background image taking over the actual product.
  • Shop logo taking up too much space.
  • Something inside the image distracting the customers eyes.

For example, if you are selling beaded jewelry and you have this beautiful piece that you’ve handcrafted. But then you have it on top of a distracting background that has a lot of colors. People are so worried about getting a picture being perfect and looking professional without thinking, Oh, maybe all those pebbles on the stones in the background are going to take away from my product.
When you have something that is detailed like jewelry go with a more simple, neutral, even white background that will really make your listing pop.

I’m all for a bright color background. Most of the digital download products have a bright colored background as seen here.

Also making sure that your listing is taking up most of the picture. If you see more background than you do of your, of your product, that’s not doing your product justice. If you’re selling even a digital downloadable file, and you have, you know, the screenshot of an image of your PDF file. Is that taking over most of the picture or is your bright colored background taking over most of the picture?

Where do your eyes go to? The jewelry or the piece of wood in the background?

The primary focus in this picture is the jewelry. No distractions.

I shouldn’t look at your picture of your product and be like, Whoa, there’s just a lot going on here. If your item has a lot going on just like that piece of jewelry, make sure your background, doesn’t add to that. Make sure your background makes it pop and stand out instead of adding to the noise.

Another tip to getting more views on Etsy is to not be concerned about the whole image of your shop.

I think when we, as sellers, imagine a customer finding our listing that they eventually will go and visit our whole entire shop to see what all we have to offer. Let me tell you as a person who has personally purchased items off Etsy, that’s not always the case. If I’m looking for something specific, I’m just looking for that. I don’t necessarily want to know what other avenues of products that person has because I’m strictly looking. For the item that I’m looking for.

When you’re only concerned about the actual flow of your shop looking appealing, you’re sacrificing one of your listings.

I would highly recommend if you’re selling an item like the brown purse and you have that whole neutral tan vibe that it’s okay. If that one listing, because the product itself kind of melts in with your logo and your color scheme, that you can add a pop of color to draw attention to the customer.
Don’t be afraid because you’re going to have one image or one item look, not totally perfect with the rest of your items that that’s going to affect your sales. We all have to remember that. Yes, we are more, you know, picky and we notice things because we sell on Etsy. We notice the successful shops. We notice the people that are really trying harder, you know, to sell their items and make it look very appealing.
But at the end of the day, do you really think that’s going to stop a customer from buying from your shop if that’s the item they are looking for? If they really want a brown purse, you have a brown purse. They’re not going to go to your shop and go, well, their whole website doesn’t blend together.
Their whole shop is different colors. This is it. I just don’t think I want that brown person anymore. It’s not going to happen. You know, they are here for the product they’re looking for and yes, we all want to create lifetime buyers and that’s the whole idea is that you have people come back to your shop.🤑
But also if they buy one brown purse that I doubt they’re going to be coming back anytime soon to buy another brown purse from you. So you want to make sure that your listings, you know, it’s okay if they flow, but they need to stand out from one another. They need to be able to fit on their own.
If you only had this one product, you wouldn’t really care about the color scheme, and all of that, you’d just want to show off that product.

You shouldn’t be totally consumed with the whole flow of your store.

I’m not saying that your whole shop should look totally different and the listings should look totally different, but you can make individual listings unique when it comes to selling the item, the product, if it benefits the product they have a pop of color in the background instead of your brown logo with your brown purse and your brown background, then it’s okay to kind of step away from your normal listing and your normal color scheme.
It’s okay. But just don’t really focus too, too much. Don’t harp and spend all this time trying to make your actual whole shop front look, unison, and look appealing when the majority of your customers aren’t even getting to that step. They’re not going and visiting your whole entire shop.

Running a high percentage off sale could prevent you from getting views on Etsy.

Views on Etsy in 2020

I am 100% AGAINST running high percentage sales on Etsy!😫

I really think that Etsy is a platform that is not one that will make you popular by running huge sales. I don’t think the customers that Etsy attracts are really here for the bargain prices as compared to other websites. So what do I mean by this? If you are listing your products at a hundred dollars and then you run a 50% off sale, so that’s then $50 and you think that that’s going to attract people’s eye, in my opinion, as a consumer I would look at it like, did you possibly trick someone, another buyer at some point to paying that full price? When you obviously can profit off of 50% off?
🙄I think it’s deceiving. It’s just where my brain goes. So I can imagine that there are other consumers out there that are like me, that will look at it like this. Now yes, of course, you’re going to have consumers that look at it like, Oh yeah, man, I got a steal. Can you believe some fool probably paid a hundred percent for this? Oh, my gosh, I just won the jackpot. Like how lucky am I? I just don’t believe that those customers are using Etsy as their main shopping platform.
I think that most of Etsy shoppers and this is something we all need to remember when we create products is most shoppers of Etsy do not get on the website and then try to find something they want to buy. Like this isn’t clothing, you know store like Old Navy. For example, if I go on Old Navy I know I’m going to be looking at clothing and I know that I have the option of buying clothing for women, men, and I can search and search and search, but I still go to that website because it has clothing and I’m in need of clothing. Etsy buyers do the same thing.

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The customer is on Etsy with a plan, Oh, I have a wedding to plan. I have a bridesmaid party to plan and they look for items that are relating to the time or function or the thing they need. So running a 50% off sale, isn’t really going to benefit those customers. They are coming to find a specific item. Some of them are even willing to pay whatever they need to pay.
I would highly recommend list that product for $60 and run a 15% off sale. I think that will be a lot more appealing and not maybe, you know, could be taken as deceiving or that you’re trying to get one over on a potential buyer at some point. And I think that that could generate more sales for you.

Don’t stress about being the cheapest.

That’s not how Etsy works, Etsy is not a platform that sells on price. Attract them with free shipping, free shipping. I mean, I don’t know about you guys Etsy preaches this. I totally believe in it. Offering free shipping will do wonders compared to a 50% off sale. So that’s just my opinion. That is my experience on Etsy. I just, I think that it could easily create, you know, some frustrations or some confusion with your customers when you’re trying to offer a 50% off price point.

An easy way to get more visitors on Etsy is to look at your shop as a consumer.

Go to your shop as if you know, you’re not signed in on Etsy. You are just a random person that has stumbled across your shop and see what that has to offer you information wise. Let’s dive into an actual example of a shop owner on Facebook asking for help.
I don’t know anything about them. So as a consumer, I’m looking and really nothing’s grabbing my eye. Nothing’s really drawing me in all of her listings look pretty similar to one another, even though they are totally different, they are literally totally different from one another, but it all just kind of blends in together.
There’s a lot going on in all the pictures. But mainly I can see that there are two listings on our shop that have that little line underneath that say three people have this in their cart. So those two items to me would say the most likely that those are probably top-selling items, the most popular items.
That is what you should somewhat be focused on. You should be looking at those two listings, digging into the keywords. You use the titles, the pictures, the descriptions, and see what you did differently with the other listings that you have at your store. Is it the actual item itself? I don’t believe so because she has a very similar product.
It’s actually the same product. It’s just a set of two instead of just buying one, but that one’s not as popular as the other one. Why is that? Is it, the title is totally different. That could be it. She named the same product, something totally different, which I totally understand if you’re trying to see like test different titles against one another, I get it.
But this, they don’t seem to be doing that. Also her images there definitely could be brighter. They could, she’s got a lot of color in her products, but it seems just very dole. It kind of looks like she’s using a filter of some sort and. It’s just, it’s really downplaying the beauty of her items. So really just stepping back and looking at your own shop from someone totally different that I think that that could really benefit your shop and your listings.
I have a competitor list that I have other Etsy shops that are selling similar items to me, I check up on those shops from time to time. I go to their shop as if I’m their customer. And I see what grabs my eye and I’m not trying to copy or mimic what they’re doing, but I am looking to see like, what is setting them apart from my shop.
Why would a customer go to their shop over mine? And these are ways that you can look and go, well, wait a second. I have something similar to that, but why am I on all their listings? Is it the pop of color, the titles, or the product itself? And how do I make my store compete with their sales on Etsy.
I really think that if you just take a step back and you look at your store or have a friend or a relative, and just ask for help. I think that can be a really big game-changer, but you also, you know, don’t be afraid to have constructive criticism every time that I reply to one of these people on these groups, I give them pretty, pretty straight up straightforward advice. I’m not someone that’s going to beat around the bush. I always tell them how their shop is amazing. Their listings are great because they are, I think anybody that has the courage to sell products that they’ve made and they take the time to invest in themselves in, and they also have the courage to ask for help and guidance.

Beyonce views on Etsy

Make these easy changes and start getting Beyonce type of views on Etsy.😎

Thank you guys so much for joining me on another episode of the creative pod, I hope that you found something that could help your store out help your shop identify more with its targeted customer and really stand out against your competition. I really believe if you make these changes you will be successful on Etsy in 2020. If you haven’t started a creative business but you are thinking about it check out my freebie that will give you a checklist to get going!

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